We design performance into our sportswear!

 “The Megmeister base layer is without doubt the gold standard of this type of garment!”

We set out to raise the bar, and the confirmation that we had done so was ever so satisfying. This is our story…

As product developers working for a large garment manufacturer, we visited one of the mayor sport brands in the USA and the conversation turned to base layers. Data showed us that base layers represented an opportunity in the market. Market research told us that many people don’t like to wear base layers because they are either irritating on the skin, feel uncomfortable/restrictive or they smell. Could we resolve all these problems?

On the flight home we discussed the option to develop our own brand. We did not want to be answerable to anybody we wanted to follow our passion. We brought together a team of experts: a yarn specialist, a garment technician and a sportswear manufacturing specialist, to work on creating the new generation of base layers.

Our mission was simple: to create the best possible base layers for men and women! We wanted to be the best in 3 key areas:  better fit, function and comfort. 

We spend months in the laboratories of the yarn manufacturers to find a blend of fibers that surpassed anything else on the market in terms of performance.  We found a yarn especially designed for sport which has excellent moisture wicking properties, is ultra lightweight, insulating, breathable and super hygienic. It is the athlete’s best sports performance enhancer.

Our next step was our garment construction; our challenge was to construct a garment that is genuinely 100% seam free to offer total freedom of movement to any athlete.

Cutting a pattern out of fabric and sewing it together is the traditional way of garment creation. There had to be a better way! We worked endlessly to get rid of all seams. After many trials and errors we finally found a way to knit our garments in one piece on a special machine. This new technique also allowed us to put ventilation holes in all the right places and enable complete freedom of body movement and comfort.

We consider ourselves innovators, we do things differently. We have created the world’s best base layers and compression wear with committed athletes in mind. Our garments aren’t a substitute for talent and dedication.  They enhance the athletes’ performance and make him/her the best (s)he can be.

We bench marked against the biggest brands and 100% of our test market preferred our garments (test market 153 athletes in UK and Netherlands).